Best Chlamydia Tests At Home: Are Home Tests Reliable?

Can you test for Chlamydia at home?

Many who find a visit to a doctor or a clinic to know whether they have Chlamydia a jot embarrassing, asks this question. To put it in context, Chlamydia happens to be the most commonly transmitted STD/STI in US. This must give us an idea of why so many people are eager to know if an at-home-testing for Chlamydia exists. More so, since in more than 70% cases, the disease doesn’t show any early symptoms and symptoms may start to emerge at a very late state of the disease. And Chlamydia can be difficult to treat at a late and developed stage.

Now, the answer to the question posed above is, yes. You can indeed test whether or not you have Chlamydia from the comfort of your home. Now, when it comes to these testing kits, you must remember that there are two types of at-home tests that you can resort to—the one is what is commonly called the “instant tests” and the other is where you collect your urine sample at home, and with the help of the testing kit, complete the test at home and then mail the test to one of your local laboratories to obtain the final results.

Now, as to the instant tests, these require in men a sample from urethra and a cervical sample in women. You will need to use a cotton swab to obtain the samples and you can imagine that that’s not going be too pleasant. But well, that’s what you will need to do. Now, once you have obtained the sample, you will need to mix it with typically two types of different fluids that will come as part of the kit. Carefully follow the directions as mentioned in the kit box when mixing the fluids with the sample. And that’s it. When it’s done, you just wait for the results.

Apart from the cotton swab part, the process sounds convenient enough. However, a major drawback to it is that the results obtained are far from 100% correct. While most good at-home-testing kits which require you to send the test to a lab to get the final results boast of near-accurate results (92%-99%, depending on the kit), the ‘instant’ kits cannot provide you results anywhere near as accurately. This means you can never be sure whether that negative result is really negative or how much to trust the result.

Now, as to the second type of kits, some of the brands/labs that provide the most reliable STD testing kits at present include EverlyWell, PlushCare, privateiDNA, and myLab. All of these brands offer no hassle, trustworthy kits and you can choose from kits for single diseases or different packages as offered by that specific brand. All tests are done at HIPAA compliant, CAP accredited and CLIA certified labs. Also, all testing kits by these brands are FDA-approved.

All tests for Chlamydia as well as Trichomoniasis and Gonorrhea are done with urine samples. A testing kit for Chlamydia will commonly set you back around $80. Once you ship your sample to a lab, you can expect to obtain the results within 2-3 days, although the turnaround time will depend on the lab you send your sample to. At any rate, you can be sure to get the results within a week’s time. And as long as you use a good kit from a reliable brand, you can rest assured that you’ll get a nigh accurate result.

Finally, we will recommend that you go for these at-home kits only if you don’t suffer from any clear symptoms and/or when you are going to start a new, monogamous relationship with your new partner. Otherwise, it is always better to consult a doctor.